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Animal Ambassadors

posted Dec 9, 2016, 11:33 AM by Mull Elementary School   [ updated Dec 9, 2016, 11:41 AM ]
Mull Mustangs received a rare visit from the Animal Ambassadors where they met Elsa the Arctic Fox, Survivor the Ball Python, an African Pygmy Hedgehog named Warrior a bearded dragon named Yoda and Flash the Kangaroo. Our Mustangs were fascinated to learn interesting facts about each of the exotic animals introduced. 
For instance, Elsa, the Arctic Fox is specially equipped for her natural environment and is able to survive in negative 98 degrees. Elsa also has hair on the bottom of her feet. Survivor, the Ball Python has a special outer skin that is colored perfectly to allow it to blend into the natural colors found in its habitat of the African jungle. It was also interesting to note that Cleopatra is said to have worn pythons around her neck as if wearing jewelry. Survivor even hung around with Mrs. Fore for a little bit.
Warrior, the African Pygmy Hedgehog eats insects and uses echolocation to locate them. He lets out a screech and the echo helps him find grasshoppers or roly polys to eat. Yoda, the bearded dragon is a cold blooded creature and instead of hibernating, he estivates to find a cool place underground. 
Flash was the Mustang favorite. Flash is a 5 month old Kangaroo. When Flash was born, he was the size of a jelly bean but at 4 years old, Flash will be about 6 feet tall and will weigh about 200 pounds. Little Flash was being bottle fed. Flash eats Kangaroo milk that comes all the way from Australia. What an interesting morning we had learning about all of these exotic and unique animals.                                                                              
Mr. Ed with Flash the Kangaroo